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Modern Political Speeches
2 years ago
Fewer things have changed the course of history more in the 20th century than the great modern political speeches – oratories that moved nations and people alike to action. The great speech makers became icons in their era, in part for their abilities to bring about great change with words alone. The power of words is great, and the orators with speeches and declarations over the last several decades has been many. However, a few modern political speeches stood above the rest, to declare to the ...
History of Bill O'Reilly's Scandals
2 years ago
Bill O'Reilly is one of Fox's most well-known anchors. He has been a mainstay in the news industry since the 80s. He has hosted the O'Reilly Factor, one of the most widely watched news commentary show...
Powerful Women in Ancient History
2 years ago
The phrase "behind every strong man is a stronger woman" is a historically flawed statement, as history has proven that there have been countless women in positions of great power without any man in f...
Little Known Facts You've Never Heard About WWII
2 years ago
Everyone knows about World War II - from the battles, to the leaders, to the Holocaust. We know WWII far more than its predecessor, WWI. But fewer people know the finer details. We see WWII as a tapes...
Little Known Facts You've Never Heard About WWI
2 years ago
Everyone knows about World War II, down to the little facts and trivia about the guns used and the soldiers who fought, but many remain in the dark about the Great War: WWI. For a whole generation, Wo...
How To Get Involved in Local Politics (And Why You Should)
2 years ago
The United States has become embroiled in political division so intense that, sometimes, it would appear that we have no say, that we have no power, that even becoming involved in local politics seems...