Alex Kashko

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Fake Art, Fake Government, Fake Democracy
a year ago
An art gallery in France has just discovered most of its exhibits are fakes. They found out after experts looked at the pictures. Had it been the UK, a third rate Tory would have been wheeled out to s...
Goodbye Scotland: Westminster Coup Against Holyrood Exposed?
a year ago
The Ferret checked Nicola Sturgeon’s claim of a Brexit power grab in July 2017 and said they were half true. While respecting the impartiality and quality of their fact check and the information they ...
Scottish Tory MPs Vote For Their Careers Against Scotland
a year ago
After talking defiantly, Scots Tory MPs roll over and submit to whips.
It Is Now Clear Westminster Intends to Abolish the Scottish Parliament
a year ago
Westminster's Long War on Holyrood Enters the Endgame