A. Alexis Kreiser

Freelance author. I write about what I want which is mostly stuff about science and politics - or my own life.

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @ImAuthorAlexis

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Letter to the Rest of the World
2 years ago
Dear World, Hello, rest of the world. I live in the United States of America, and I would just like to let you know that nothing here is normal right now. For example, we have a president without any ...
One Year Later
2 years ago
November 8, 2016 — a date that that will live in infamy, at least to me anyway. This wasn’t just a simple fall day. It was election day last year. I remember it, as well as the hours before and after ...
Why It's Important to Vote
2 years ago
It’s currently election season in 2017, so we’re not voting for a new president, and, save for New Jersey or Virginia, we won’t be voting for new governors either. 2017 is what’s considered an “off-ye...
Who Is Next In The Mueller Probe?
2 years ago
Recently, we witnessed potential history as the investigation into the Trump-Russia ties took another step forward as special counsel Robert Mueller announced the first indictments against former fore...
Reasons Why You Should Consider ACA Enrollment
2 years ago
Recently, the ACA reopened for enrollments for the 2018 enrollment season. This means that from November 1 until December 15 of this year, people can go to healthcare.gov and see what options are avai...