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America, and the Pursuit of Happiness (In Ignorance)

We have an issue. We need to talk.

USA borders 

Disclaimer: This is written based off of my own views. I do not represent anyone but myself. This is my perspective on real events. Take it as you will.


Recently, as of August 2018, a Guatemalan mother and daughter had fled their home to seek asylum in America. That itself isn’t new information— there are many families throughout all of history escaping cities and going to foreign countries to find a safe haven.

This is not just any immigration case, however.

The mother and her baby entered the US seeking asylum. Border officials found them and brought them in for paperwork, medical exams, etc. like they do with the others. The mother and her baby were separated to have their medical exams, but later cleared and released together to go into custody.

After being put in custody, the mother realized her baby caught something from another ill child while under the medical staff’s care. The baby’s sickness progressed very quickly.

The baby was still sick and fever-stricken when her and the mother were released from custody. They were allowed to go to New Jersey where they have family to live with.

With a heavy heart, I have to say that the baby ended up dying because the medical personnel weren’t careful. They did not separate sick babies from healthy babies.

The mother wanted to get her baby out a dangerous place and thus came here for help. She didn’t resist when she was put into custody, she was good about everything, and was probably hopeful to be able to go be with her family and raise her baby in safe conditions.

Her baby died. She’s had to bury a tiny little girl that she just wanted to keep safe.

I now target you, reader.

If you are an individual who heard of this, or are reading about it now, and say, “this is so sad, she just wanted to get help,” the next portion does not apply to you. If you can see past the ethnicity of the mother and daughter, do not fret over what I am about to say.

If you are an individual who immediately thinks, “she shouldn’t have come to the states illegally, they should have sent her back,” keep reading.

A mom and her small baby girl no longer feel safe where they live. The mom decided to leave and go somewhere that claims to help people who are in her situation. She goes, baby girl with her, and gladly follow instructions: come fill out paperwork, have a medical exam, enter custody, have patience.

She does so. It is a bit hard, since the mom has to be separated from her child; yet, she stays calm and collected because she knows it could be worth it.

After waiting, they are together again and realization hits that the baby girl is sick. Terribly sick. Rapidly, fevers rocket high, dehydration hits, infection is apparent—this baby, a small, tiny baby, is dying.

The man ends up burying her precious daughter.

And you people only see that she’s a foreigner and immediately have no empathy, and basically say that she deserved to watch her baby die because she came here.

Would you rather have had her and her baby be shot in the head in her home country? Beaten and raped? Where her name would’ve forever been lost? At least it wouldn’t be in your sacred American land, right?

I could write a scenario where it is an American mom and daughter fleeing to another country, see how you would react then, prove a point. I really could.

But, honestly? Having to do that is enough proof, the Americans who still feel nothing but malice and hate to these scared foreigners may never learn. Their ignorance makes them happy, which is the whole point of America—

—the pursuit of happiness... correct?

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America, and the Pursuit of Happiness (In Ignorance)
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