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All Hail Queen Clapback

Nancy Pelosi once again proves to be a formidable opponent for Trump.

"I'll dog walk you," Cardi B warned Tomi Lahren on Twitter after the Fox News (no) personality attempted to drag her. It was a good way to get the talentless female to back off of her, but if Cardi B wants to be considered a political force of nature, she needs to consider watching Nancy Pelosi. As she reclaimed the Speaker of the House Gavel, Pelosi also seems to have found her, and by extension the Democrats, backbone. Now it can safely be said that Nancy Pelosi is the Queen of the Clapback, and she "dog walked" Donald Trump without ever laying a hand on him.

The year and her tenure started on a mellow note, Pelosi invited Trump to deliver the State of The Union (SOTU), and he accepted. It almost seemed as if an era of bipartisanship was dawning. Then Trump began to blame Democrats for the government shutdown and threw Twitter tantrums that he wasn't getting his way or the metaphor for his penis, also known as the border wall.

After the Toddler-in-Chief stormed out of a meeting with Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, she did what any good mother would do. She took away what the baby wanted most: Attention. She sent a letter telling him that the SOTU would not take place until the government was reopened. Trump then revealed that Pelosi and some top Dems were supposed to travel to see and thank the troops, but he was calling that off. Tit for little penis. All that move did was make him seem like a bitter, unruly child and his poll numbers reflected that.

In order to change the conversation and make it seem like he was a man, a big man, Trump sent a letter letting Pelosi know that her fears were unfounded and that he would indeed be delivering the SOTU, whether she liked it or not. She did not like it and let him know that it was her House and that the resolution that was needed to allow him to speak would not be put up for a vote until she decided it was so. After spurring rumors that he would deliver it anyway, but in less official and prestigious places, Trump acquiesced. His base did not care for that, and his poll numbers sagged even lower, while Pelosi's soared. Pelosi-2, Trump-0.

Suddenly the border wall was no longer as crucial to Trump. He agreed to reopen the government as he an the Republicans continued to be blamed for the shutdown by most Americans and his pocketbook was threatened by airport shutdowns in NYC. Between the threat of poll numbers dipping lower than the Hell they were in, Pelosi refusing to allow him to be adored by the Republicans in Congress, and the tourist money not coming to him in his home city, Trump caved and reopened the government. Pelosi had won again. And this time even his most ardent admirers were calling him out.

Pelosi and Trump's teams worked out details of the SOTU, and he was happy again. The adoration would soon be pouring over him like a Russian Hooker's pee. On February 5th, 2019, he delivered his speech. He called for both sides of the political spectrum to work together for his vision (not even slightly sarcastic here) and to make sure he got what he wanted. He also tried to warn the newly empowered Democrats against looking at his administration for any wrongdoing. Republicans ate it up and cheered for him. Democrats stayed stoic and gave polite applause. That is except for one Democrat. The most high profile Democrat there. Nancy Pelosi.

The Speaker of the House created the "Fuck You" clap and became an instant meme. No sooner did the cameras catch her in the clap (seen above) than the creators on the web started spitting out viral and very sharable memes. Pelosi has once again turned the tables on Trump and became the star of the show. Ratings indicate that it was a well-watched speech, and he might be able to claim that he was the draw, but the undisputed star was Pelosi. And that is going to stick in his craw. Pelosi-4 Trump-0.

All of this is to say that Nancy Pelosi, the once reviled and most hated politician has turned into the Queen of the Clapback (literally)! All Hail The Queen.

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All Hail Queen Clapback
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