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8 Martin Luther King Quotes That 2018 Really Needs Right Now

Because We All Have a Dream

Famous for his speech that turned the world on its head and right back over again, Martin Luther King Jr's legacy has surpassed the life expectancy of influence on our great men and women of history. He was the pinnacle of inspiration for the likes of Americans growing up in frustration and struggle like no era has ever seen before. We saw flickers of reflections in our late president, Barack Obama, yet his replacement has brought back dark visions of times past that beg today's generation for wise words to follow. Words that only men like Mr. King could provide. In honor of MLK and the brilliant impact he has had on our society, and not just on African Americans but in the world and those who remain on it, here are 8 quotes by Martin Luther King that we should remember for 2018.


The Trump Era has been nothing but walls (haha!) of stoppage in the progression of man. Our society is beginning to go backwards instead of forwards, and this quote is a faint reminder that no matter what it is that you do, as long as we are moving forward things will continue to get better. 2017 was a brief, quiet reminder that this needs to happen much more often in the coming 2018.


Today, we face the issue of racism on a scale no one could possibly imagine. The effects of immigration bans and public segregation seems to have blossomed from a small crevasse no one could have predicted. Families from countries like Afghanistan and Iran who seek refuge and protection from neighboring countries are being forced through a rigorous scan, none of which we could possibly imagine subjecting to our own children. These lives continue to undergo major political scrutiny that almost seems unnecessary to most. We should be protecting those who need to be protected instead of pushing them out.


2017 has brought on every possible challenge and controversy that it's arsenal had. A new president with no experience or apparent morals, Brexit, and many infamous deaths that we continue to mourn today. But this is the ultimate test that 2018 has been tasked with overcoming, and King's quote here is a perfect point-of-the-finger in the direction we should be going in 2018.


As a collective society, we have been silent for a little while now. With the uprising of #metoo and #timesup in today's headlines and newspapers, the people are certainly following this quote, even if it is just in smaller footsteps. There is no time like the present to right what was wrong, and perhaps this is a matter that should have been right-ed long ago. To bring this to the forefront in the era where our own President is unable to support this female movement is bravery at its finest.


Whether it be the Cold War or the Y2K fear, history shares with us the good and bad, teaching us the lessons in life that we should carry with us. It is the decision we make about whether or not we take these life lessons into account, or if we decide to ignore the faults and successes of our ancestors that we truly understand where we go wrong and most importantly, where we can go right. 


This quote pretty much says it all: money shouldn't be a contributing factor to long term change (although the key word here is 'shouldn't'). Perhaps if we all cared a little bit more than we did in 2017, 2018 won't be so bad off. 


In 2017, we saw women from around the world share their stories of sexual exploitation and abuse. One by one, the victims began to surface, encouraged and inspired by the women who had faith that bringing the topic to the surface was the right thing to do. And as the movement grew, we see that the issue is far from what is not seen in the public, but moreso the kind of strength that faith in the system brought these women. This is just the stepping stone to the change that 2018 can bring. 


2018 is the year that the Universe is giving to us to make things right. We've made a few mistakes along the way, even ones that we saw coming. We knew we should have taken the left turn instead of the right, but we still took the right one anyways. This is the year that we need to look the other way, instead of inflicting on our soul the punishments of society. This quote is a great reminder that by coming together, the wrong can always be right-ed.