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2018 Will Be the Most Important Year in the History of Our Young Democratic Republic

John Kasich Will Weaken Trump in the 2020 Primaries

     A lot of America is hurting. Republican policies have shrunk the middle class, to the point where it really is almost nonexistent. It started with Ronald Reagan and "Trickle Down" economics, which America just fell for one more time, or rather, they will take the tax cut while things are going well. Deep down inside many are feeling uneasy about it. Sure, most of us will get a nice little tax cut, while really rich people and corporate America will get a HUGE tax cut, on the backs on hard working Americans. Trump argued during the campaign that the Obama economy was a "catastrophe" and now takes credit for every positive aspect of the now eight year long recovery, the one where President Obama was president for 7 years of.  Heck, Trump took credit for the record stock market high a few days after he took office. Of course now as the markets are getting rocky and heading towards a Bear market, the man is silent. The man is a dangerous buffoon. The Republicans have dug in and are satisfied to try to control him as long as he keeps favorable poll numbers with the base, which he has, and as long as he doesn't become a complete political disaster, which he will be in the end. Hypocrisy knows no boundaries in the new Republican orthodoxy.

     2018 will be the most important year in our young Republic, because everything is on the line. Trump has no shame, and no understanding of the checks and balances built into our system. He operates in his own little narcissistic universe and as any good narcissist does, he pushes the boundaries to the max to see what he can get away with, and gaslights anybody and everybody who questions him or challenges him. We have all become enablers for the super narcissist. Robert Mueller, however, is unfazed. He is the ultimate law man. He is the stellar former F.B.I director, who sees the child in Trump. Watching the Republicans try to manhandle Trump has been a sickening experience. Just the other day, Trump decided he had had enough of being manhandled, and declared he would start a trade war with China by imposing huge tariffs. The man who has no intellectual curiosity at all, declared that he really, really is going to do one of his big, big ideas, and you can't stop him! Watching the Republicans scramble to reel him back in makes any rational person's stomach churn. How did we get here? Is this really happening? 

     2018 will also be the year when America decides wether or not they will keep putting up with this crap show. Mueller already has a case for Trump committing obstruction of justice. We all saw it ourselves live on television, as Trump TOLD us that he did it. A few days after firing F.B.I. director James Comey, he told Lester Holt in an interview that he fired Comey because of the investigation into Russian collusion, even though the White House had been insisting for days previously that it was because of Rosensten's recommendation. Anyone who is paying close attention though, knows there is more, probably much much more. It's all going to come out this year, and of course, this is an election year. All indications are that despite gerrymandered districts, a huge blue Democratic tsunami is on its way to taking over the Capitol building in Washington D.C. 

     As I have written before, the framers of our Republic made it really, really hard to evict a President from office. Trump will head into the 2020 election cycle a wounded president and basically be a lame duck with no support in Congress. He will have his base though,  but he clearly is going to be the first sitting President to face a serious primary challenge from his own party since Edward Kennedy almost derailed Jimmy Carter in  1980.  I predict that challenger will be John Kasich, and he will absolutely give Trump a run for his money, because all good and decent Republicans everywhere loath Donald Trump almost as much as the rest of us. As I have written before, I still believe Joe Biden will be the Democratic nominee, and I believe he will win easily. Hold on tight, America, there is a rocky road ahead.

Scott Bowen
Scott Bowen

I am a Democratic activist from Alexandria, Virginia. I grew up overseas where my parents served as a Foreign Service Officers. I work for local government and have a strong interest in racial relations and discrimination in America.

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2018 Will Be the Most Important Year in the History of Our Young Democratic Republic
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