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10 Interesting Facts About Robert Mueller Everyone Should Know

Regardless of political leaning, knowledge about those who wield power is essential to democracy—learn some interesting facts about Robert Mueller.

Robert Mueller will be one of the most important names in American history books for years to come. His accolades already place him among the greatest defenders of iconic American values of rule of law, liberty, and freedom. However, Robert Swan Mueller III is on the verge of infamy or utmost honor, walking a tight rope of a partisan divide. In 2017, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed Mueller the head of The Special Investigation to inquire on possible election interference. The Russia Investigation is considered a witch hunt by the right and a glimmer of optimism by the left—with immense speculation of who is next in the probe. Mueller's investigation can serve as an inflection point for American's values and justice system. Learn some interesting facts about Robert Mueller—a man who has significant influence on forging American values.

Second Longest-Serving FBI Director

President George W. Bush appointed Mueller right before one of the most shocking and impactful events in America's history, the summer before 9/11. He then stayed at the helm of the Federal Bureau of Investigation until 2013, the start of Obama's second term. This duration of 12 years made him the second longest-serving director since J. Edgar Hoover. Of course, any comparisons to Hoover's 53 year reign are potentially dangerous. Hoover's nefarious activities had blatant disregard for constitutional rights in which he harassed political dissenters and activists, amassed secret files on political leaders, and collected evidence using illegal methods. Hoover and Mueller are bout touted with having significant impacts on shaping the culture, ethics and direction of the FBI. However, Mueller's ethics are the antithesis of Hoover—serving as a exemplary model for years to come.

Austere Defender of Due Process

Following 9/11, the United States conducted many ethically ambiguous acts for the sake of national security. Attorney Thomas B. Wilner heavily criticized the administration of George W. Bush and their practice of detaining "suspected terrorists" at Guantanamo Bay. Wilner asserted that all detainee's deserved a “fair hearing” and a “chance to learn the charges against them and to rebut the accusations before a neutral decision maker.” Conservatives saw him as soft on terror and un-American, but Wilner stood for the defense of the sixth amendment of the constitution—what's more American than that? Mueller agreed with Wilner's stance on due process and embracing the innocent-until-proven-guilty principle.  At a dinner, Mueller stood up, raised his glass and declared, “I want to toast Tom Wilner. He’s doing what an American should.”

Experience in High Profile Investigations

Before taking the reins of the Russian Investigation, Muller lead a number of high profile investigations; including, of the Mobster John Gotti, the Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega, and the Lockerbie bombing of Pan Am Flight 103. Mueller maintained composure during past experiences of scrutiny and high exposure. These past experiences have helped Mueller and his investigative team stay focused while President Donald Trump has directly called out Mueller 43 times, and called the investigation a "witch hunt" 127 times.

Educated Elite

From prep school and prestigious universities, Mueller is among the educated elite.  He attended St. Paul’s prep school in New Hampshire, where one of his classmates was John Kerry (who went on to become the 2004 Democratic presidential nominee and President’s Barack Obama’s second Secretary of State). An undergraduate from Princeton University, a master from New York University, and law degree from Virginia University, Mueller's raw intellect is unquestionable.

Experience in Vietnam

Despite Mueller's educational track, he did not dodge the draft. His inspiration for joining the war came from the death of his former prep school Lacrosse teammate, David Spencer. He saw combat in Vietnam as a rifle platoon commander in the Marine Corps and was awarded the Bronze Star, the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry, and the Purple Heart, among other medals. Mueller is a war hero while we're certain we will never see draft-dodger Trump survive marine corps basic training.

Managing the FBI in Times of Crisis

Following 9/11, Mueller lead the force of domestic American intelligence by managing some 4,000 FBI agents. While fears of terrorism shredded an American ideal of security, Mueller worked tirelessly to ensure American's freedom from harm. He lead the shift from the FBI's focus on combatting crime to countering terrorism. After the Department of Justice declared the warrantless wiretapping program illegal in 2004, Mueller joined with several other officials to resign if the ruling should be reinstated. Time magazine wrote in 2011, “He remade the bureau in his image," and, "pushed out the old guard and hired more than half its present cohort.” Mueller knows how to lead with ideals of justice.

Partnership with the NFL

After Mueller's successful tenure as the Director of the FBI, the National Football League hired Mueller to investigate its controversial handling of a domestic abuse incident involving Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens. His investigative prowess concluded that the NFL had not properly investigated the incident. They failed to view the the surveillance-video footage of Rice punching his then fiancée—suspending him for only two games.

Association with Boston Marathon Bombing

President Obama called Mueller to assist his administration on the FBI's knowledge of the bombing's architect. While he admitted that the FBI knew about the infamous planner, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, they closed his file due to little perceived risk.

Relationship with Comey

A 2017 Breibart article flooded media outlets with accusations of slander towards Mueller. With an intent to oust Mueller from the special investigation, the rumor tried to make former FBI director, James Comey,  and Mueller "best friends." However, this claim is entirely unsubstantiated by any evidence. Multiple sources and first-hand accounts attribute their relationship to be work-related and not social. This ploy by Breitbart fits in with Steve Bannon's strategy of, “The real opposition is the media. And the way to deal with them is to flood the zone with shit.”

Life of Public Service

Mueller knows the obligations of privilege, giving back and making society a better place. Starting from Mueller's decorated military service, his career has been dedicated to public service. In 1993, Mueller went into private law practice, but did not stay long. He quickly returned back to the Justice Department as a line prosecutor working homicide cases. His superiors continued to recognize his formidable work regimen and code of ethics, where he received promotions everywhere he went.

"You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain." — Harvey Dent

At 74 years old, the Russia Investigation is likely the last chapter for Mueller. His career and achievements already garners him among the most successful in the field of public service. However, the expectations of the Russia investigation are incredibly high—any shortfall is likely to undergo immense scrutiny. These interesting facts about Robert Mueller is likely enough to obtain him renowned status for his public service, but will the investigation be his undoing? Only time will tell.

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10 Interesting Facts About Robert Mueller Everyone Should Know
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